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Kangen Water Bags – Purple

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Kangen Water Bags – Purple


These Kangen Water bags are exactly what you have been waiting for! For years distributor’s only option was to use the conventional one-gallon milk jug style bottle, although very effective in getting the job done it did not work in everyone’s favor. Whether it is the lack of availability in some areas or the high shipping cost to get it there, not to mention the added cost to label these bottles to add professionalism. The Kangen Water Bag solves all these problems.

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• BPA Free
• Large spout for convenient filling
• Wide base for added stability
• Built in handle for easy carrying
• Two-sided printed professional design
• Promotes benefits: “Antioxidant-Rich, Eco-Friendly, Anti-Aging, Immunity Booster,
• Superior Hydration, Anti-Inflammatory, Energizing, Nutritious & Delicious”
• pH Level check boxes
• 5 Liter bag (1.32 gallons each…4 bags = approx. 5 gallons)