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Tahitian Honey

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Tahitian Honey


Tahitian Raw Honey by Hermana
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Tahitian Bees

Bees were introduced to Tahiti in the 19th century from Europe by the Catholic missionaries to make candles for the churches. Bees were also imported from New Zealand and Hawaii which gave birth to our own species: The Tahitian bee. It is unique and has a very good reputation around the world for the beekeeper because the Tahitian bee is soft, pleasant, hard working and productive. Many beekeepers around the world envy our bees but we do not export them.

The Tahitian bees live in a very healthy environment without pesticides and herbicides. No pollution. We cannot say the same with the bees in India or America or China etc…Tahiti is so rich. It is surrounded by many varieties of flowers and coconut trees which make our honey unique in taste. It is almost impossible to find the same taste from jar to jar. Bees fly up to 3 kilometers to find pollen and nectars.

Tahiti has prohibited the importation of honey and bees to preserve our honey from diseases. Only bees from Tahiti are healthy with no diseases.

The Major diseases are :
– USA it is called the American foulbrood
– Europe bee disease called European foulbrood
– Tropilaelaps from Asia
– Varroosis from New Zealand

Beekeepers keep asking the Tahitian government to export our Queen bees. As of today the government has refused. Maybe one day it will because our bees are unique without disease.